Saturday, April 16, 2011


Oh man....I wish I could express to you how much I love this song AND the video. They are both the epitome of the 1980's. It's called "Credit". Even the opening riff on the bass is a picture of the 80's and I LOVE it. Then the horns jump in with a POW!

If you aren't familiar with Tower of Power, here's a link to their website:

Fast forward to 2011 - people can hardly GET credit, let alone USE it to buy useless things to impress other people with! But the 80's were a time of excess. One of my favorite shots in the video is of Lee, joyfully sitting on a motorcycle (apparently, he bought it with his good credit).  He looks so foxy (another word from the past) with his 'stash, shades and MULLET!!  I just love it.  ah...the 80's.

I tried several times to imbed the video here...and I can't seem to do it! The best I can offer is to click on this link:


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