Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Knead Bread

I know. Who has time to make their own bread anymore. With so many amazing artisan breads available everywhere, the thought of MAKING bread seems quite antiquated. But there's something so incredibly gratifying about making BREAD. It has been the staple of life for thousands of years.

I made bread when I was in my early 20's. Once. That was it. I was not very good at it and had no desire to try it again.

Fast forward 30 years to today. I found this recipe after a friend of mine posted a similar one on a familiar social network that will remain nameless and faceless. He called it "No Knead Bread" which piqued my interest. His recipe was for all white flour which I LOVE but try not to eat because of the carbs. After a bit of research, I found a recipe that called for whole wheat flour, white flour and wheat bran which made me want to try it. It came out of a Martha Stewart Magazine. The magazine recipe includes the whole wheat flour, whereas the online recipe doesn't. SO....I will notate the difference below.

This bread is so easy, it can be made by a kid - which isn't a bad idea! Make this with your kids (just take over when it goes into the screaming hot dutch oven).

This recipe was found on and I want to give full credit where it is due.

Here's the link:

The Martha Mag recipe calls for:
2 1/4 C unbleached bread flour
3/4 C whole wheat flour
1 1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp  active dry yeast (from one 1/4 oz envelope)
1 1/3 C cool water
wheat bran, cornmeal or flour for dusting

Otherwise, it's exactly the same recipe.

The beginning of bread.

Dusted with wheat bran.

In the pre-heated and blazing hot oven. (pot is pre-heated too!)

Looking like....bread!

It popped right out of the pot - so easy.


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