Saturday, February 5, 2011

Creating the Blog

I have decided to create a blog about two of the things I love and enjoy most in life: Food and Music. Knowing what I want to write about and seeing the ideas in my head is the easy part. Learning how to navigate and create a blog is not. I never enjoyed school and finding my way through all of the tabs and pages and settings and options, etc etc, makes my head hurt like it did when I was younger. I always wondered why I had to take Science and Algebra when all I wanted to do was sing a song. Maybe those things would've helped me navigate through the creation process here.

Regardless, here I am and I feel a wonderful anticipation about creating this. Maybe I will only have a handful of people reading...and that will be fine with me. I just want to talk about food and music.

This is my first post. Hopefully, they will be much better than this one. Everybody starts somewhere!


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