Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Speaking of music...

Since this blog is called, Treble Clef Chef, I thought it was time to write about music. I've been asked many times, "What is your favorite song"? and until I heard the song I'm going to tell you about, I didn't think it was possible to answer that question. There are so many genres of music that I like and that make me happy, although I can't sing all genres. But this song....(I'm listening to it right now and getting very distracted) to me, is the epitome of the best combination of lyrics, singer, arrangement, ability - the whole package.

The song is "I Wanna Be Loved". It's an old song, recorded by the Andrews Sisters in the 40's, and I'm sure other people too, but I don't know of any others. I have listened to the Shirley Horn recording countless times. It moves me every time. The rhythm almost has a bit of a purposeful lag at the end of each bar, but yet it is perfectly in time. Such beautiful fluidity between the musicians. Shirley's phrasing tells the story - a particular pet peeve of mine with other singers. Well, I should say, modern singers. That may be why I'm attracted to the music of the 1940's - the songs were simple but told a story and singers like Frank Sinatra and Elle Fitzgerald were the stellar singer/phraseologists (is that a made-up word?) of their time.

Here's the link (because I still don't know how to add these things directly into my posts!) for Shirley Horn's "I Wanna Be Loved".   Enjoy.


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