Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love and Chocolate

Most people like chocolate. Some people LOVE chocolate and since Valentine's Day is coming, I thought I'd post a recipe I found for Flourless Chocolate Cake.  Now for those of you who are skeptical about a cake that is flourless, imagine a cake that is not too sweet, very chocolatey and extremely moist (almost like a brownie but not as dense). Even for chocolate "likers", this cake will knock your socks off.

This recipe comes from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine. I have made it countless times and it always comes out perfectly!  The only piece of equipment you must have for this is a 9-inch spring form pan. Oh...and a word of advice: It will puff up beautifully when it's baking, and then fall like a cartoon when you take it out. But don't worry! It's supposed to fall....and it tastes like heavenly chocolate.

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