Friday, February 25, 2011

Olive Oyl

  I was listening to a radio show the other day and the host was discussing healthy eating and the problems of obesity, not only in America, but in other countries too. Twenty years ago, obesity was not a common problem - now it's the norm. A frightening thought really. This is why the "foodie" phenomenon that is sweeping this country is so fantastic. There are so many local farms now that sell to "farmer's markets" in most towns and cities, and also to restaurants, so food is getting tastier and more fresh and organic not only at home but when you go out to eat too.

Most kids have never heard of Olive Oyl and Popeye. I remember watching that cartoon and afterward would crave spinach. I've always loved greens. I cook with olive oil (or as Rachel Ray says, EVOO) every day - I'm thinking I should become an honorary Eye-talian because of the amount of olive oil I use (you'll have to look at "Pasta Fazoo" to understand the last remark).  Fresh spinach with olive oil and a clove of fresh garlic. OH man......there's nothing like it.  Yummy.

People ask me, "How can you EAT like you do and not get fat"?!  Honestly, I believe that eating whole foods, in proper proportion is key. I also believe you can have anything you want, within reason. I know that I gain weight when I eat a lot of starchy carbs. I CRAVE carbs and could easily eat them every day. But I don't. IF I eat carbs, I try to vary them and I try to make them whole grains.

Also, there is a benefit to meal replacement shakes. I've been using Herbalife products for about 10 years now. I originally lost 17 pounds by having 2 shakes a day and if I find that I'm putting weight back on, I just go back to the 2 shake a day program (1 shake a day is for maintaining, and that's what I do. I no longer buy breakfast food - just my shake and a fat burning tea that Herbalife has as well. I love it).

Ok, back to the original thought for this post. The radio shows guest (I'm sorry I have no idea who it was.....!) was talking about certain foods that everyone should include in the way they eat and I was surprised (sort of) to see that I was already doing that. Here are the foods he mentioned:
1. OILS - Olive, Fish (Omega 3's, Krill  - Herbalife has these and I've been taking them for years - they are very pure - no burping!), Flax, Nuts (specifically walnuts - they are brain food....they even look like little brains) and almonds.
2. Blueberries, and other red/blue berries (Blueberries are the best).
3. Salads (gotta get your greens and fiber!)

Every morning, I make my shake with either blueberries or cherries and about 4-5 almonds.
Every day I cook with olive oil and I always have a salad with dinner.

It makes me so sad that there is such lack of good eating and proper nutrition in this country. I hope that we make a turn for the better and that people will begin to make better eating choices - NO fast food! No frozen food! No pre-packaged food! Come on!! We can all do this!!

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